Movie Grade Costumes & Props
    At No Limit Designs, we create the ultimate in bespoke movie grade wearable costumes and props, using the very latest technologies available.
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  • Made to be Different

    Pushing the boundaries to achieve something special
    The NLD team dedicate a lot of time and resources to R&D, merging technologies and techniques so to produce something special.
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    Under the mask we use a variety of new technologies to enhance our designs and ultimately create the perfect wearable costumes.

Say hello to the team behind

No Limit Designs

At No Limit Designs (NLD) we produce the highest quality specialist costumes, outfits and innovative products available on the market, which clearly set us apart from the competition. We have designers who have worked within the fashion industry and who have connections within the TV and film industries.

Introducing Tactical Spidey!

The internet has exploded with this suit, and for good reason right?

The NLD team were allowed to run with this project from concept to design with only one requirement in mind, “make this badass” and as you can see, the team have created something completely unique and jaw dropping.

Want a suit that will blow your mind?  Well here it is!

We use state of the art


No Limit Designs is a truly unique and special company, offering state of the art technology, incorporated into the most amazing wearable costumes/products. Due to Non Disclosure agreements set in place, NLD cannot showcase our huge product range and most inventive creations – so contact us for more!

Starting from £1280

Do you want to blow peoples mind? Wear something that could have come straight off the film set? Do you want to become the Black Panther?  Well our movie grade replica Black Panther Suit is definitely for you!

Starting from £119.99

NLD are proud to offer this hand crafted and detailed battle damaged Captain America shield.

This item is made from metal but it is light weight and very easy to carry.

This product is a favourite for people wanting to use the shield as a wall mount in their home/office/studio, cosplay as Captain America or of course as Spidey, following the recent avenger films such as Captain America Civil War



“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”


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