Terms and Conditions

By consenting to the terms and conditions you hereby understand that the items you are ordering are handmade, made to order items that are created specifically for your order. These items take time to create, and are typically completed between 8 – 12 weeks after your order is placed.

If you choose to commission a completely customer order, it is of the utmost importance that you are very clear with the specifications you give us to design and make your item. We only have the information you give us to build a picture of the piece you’d like created.

If you have a very specific design in mind, we would require you to email pictures along with a very detailed description.

Once your order is placed we do not guarantee we can make any alterations to sizing, material or images, nor do we permit refunds to be given in the event that these terms were overlooked and blindly agreed to. If you receive an item for us and there are issues you believe are our error, you may contact our support team and they will be happy to discuss the possibility of you returning the item for us to fix.

We do not allow refunds due to impatience or in the event of unforeseen circumstances or incorrect orders attributed to customer error. Although we make every effort to meet deadlines requested by customers, please note that as with all custom items, it is not always possible and we reserve the right to extend production time where absolutely necessary.

Please do not order made to order items or custom items if you do not agree to these terms.

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