Instant Kill Homecoming Shell Set

Face-Shell Features:

  • Our design gives a seamless bond between person and shell, resulting in no visible lines once a material mask is installed, and this makes the shell truly special.  This will also be a recurring feature for all of our next generation shells.
  • Custom made magnetic L.E.D light are installed within the lenses, which only shine forward, meaning you have great vision at all times, whilst producing an extremely powerful lazer light effect.
  • The intelligent air-flow module design, keeps you cool and feeling great.
  • The highly detailed 3D printed removable magnetic lenses have several layers, with the entire eye lens designed to sit inside the shell, giving that real movie quality look and feel.
  • The outer layer is a polished anit-fog convex acrylic which is attached to a painted micro mesh providing excellent visibility.

The final result is an innovative, strong, comfortable, practical, hardwearing product, which is a must for anyone wanting to become Spider-Man!

N.B Price includes:

  • 1 x Face-shell
  • 2 x Instant Kill magnetic eye lenses
  • 4 x Magnetic battery packs
  • Option 1:  Face-shell (smoothed and sanded) + high quality lenses (as seen in photos)
  • Option 2: Face-shell (smoothed, sanded, polished and painted with a dual tone finish + high quality lenses.

     N.B Price includes face-shell + 2 x Magnetic lenses. £189.99



Addon: Fog Free Lenses

Swap out your regular lenses for some which won’t ever fog up!

Colour of Lenses *

Choose your preferred lens colour

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Our mission statement, “No Limit Designs is made of a passionate team who design and create art, which can be worn, enjoyed, and admired!” and the Next Generation Homecoming Shells + Magnetic Lenses truly encapsulates everything we stand for.

The entire shell has been 3D printed in one single piece using a state-of-the-art 3D printer, which means the shell is extremely strong, flexible, yet light weight.

If you want to gain a lot of attention and amaze people, this shell is for you!

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Small, Medium

Face-Shell Finish

Option 1: Polished Shell, Option 2: Polished & Painted


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