Iron Spider Accessories Set

Product details:

  • Highly detailed design
  • Movie accurate design
  • Made from flexible, durable movie grade urethane rubber
  • Metallic effect shooter mechanism
  • Installed web cartridge
  • Strong velcro closing tabs
  • Magnetic elastic straps

What comes in the box

  • 2 x Specialist Web-shooters
  • 2 x Elastic straps with magnets

£599.98 £539.99

Want to add neon blue light-up panels to your shoulder-pad and web-shooter sets

Go full movie replica and light everything up, this includes light-up, web-shooters and shoulder pads.
-This includes 2 x small controllers for each web-shooter and shoulder-pad.
-Each web-shooters will glow from both sides (left and right).
-Controller units neatly installed inside the web-shooters, which are hidden.
*** The eye lenses come with the built-in light-up function already installed ***

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If you really want to be The Spider-Man and Thanos, well these web-shooters are a must.

We have spent many months studying the actual web-shooters used in the film, and we are super excited to finally release the most accurate and realistic web-shooters EVER!

The shooters are made from an extremely strong and flexible urethane rubber, which contours around your wrist/arm, whilst allowing excellent movement.  This can only be achieved through casting in urethane, 3D printed shooters are hard, brittle and solid.

Notice how the shooter trigger contours perfectly from the wrist to the centre of the Palm, which is slick and thin, just like the shooters used in the Infinity War film.

We can also make the shooters light-up, just like web-shooters seen in the film.


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