Iron-Spider Metallic Metal Accessory Set

Product details:

  • Highly detailed design
  • Made from Strong, flexible, Movie Grade Urethane Rubber
  • Special Metallic effect added

What comes in the box

  • Full Urethane Kit including blue and gold metallic parts.


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Want to become Iron-Spider? Time to pimp your suit, make it special, make it metal with our Iron Spider Metallic rubber strapping.

This strapping will transform your suit into something normal, to something extraordinary.  The strapping is large and can be easily cut down  for custom sizing

Strapping is made from extremely strong and flexible urethane rubber, which contours around your your suit, moving with your suit naturally allowing excellent movability.

If you want to give your Iron-Spider Suit the WOW effect, then this strapping along with the other Iron-Spider accessories is a must.


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