Movie Grade Carnage Mask

Mask Features:

  • Triple layered rubber detailing;
    • Symbiote base layer effect
    • Carnage/Symbiote rubber webbing
    • Final rubber webbing layer added to complete the special effects detailing
  • Ergonomic face-shell design resulting in a very comfortable product to wear
  • Intelligent air-flow module design, which keeps you cool and feeling great
  • Metal and Rubber lenses, finished with specialist detailing, using high grade SFX Materials
  • Ultra realistic jaw, mouth design
  • Hand painted using SFX techniques so to give realistic flesh/symbiote tones



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Want to cause some Carnage?  Well our Carnage mask is for you!

This specialised, highly detailed, hand crafted mask is truly a special item that is set apart from anything else.

We are proud to offer you this high quality product, which is a must if you truly want to become Carnage!




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