Muscle Suit

After a year in development, NLD now have released a truly special, anatomically accurate muscle suit.

We have taken inspiration from the muscle suits used in the films Spider-Man 3, The Black Panther, and also using the muscular body shape from the new PS4 Spider-Man game.

It has always been our aim to make a highly detailed and athletic muscle suit, that looks so realistic it cannot be told apart from an actual human body.

The muscle definition is phenomenal on this suit, but most importantly, movement is fantastic so you can move, jump, flip like your favourite superhero.

We use move grade prosthetic expanding foam to create our muscle suits, so when you put it on, you feel like you are ready to step on to a film set, the quality is that WOW.

This suit is great if you want to gain a strong muscular body for any cosplay/costume requirements.

We can also make bigger and smaller muscle suits depending on your requirements.

This suit will fit someone between the height of 5″6-6ft.


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