Spider-Man Iron-Spider/Infinity War Face-Shell Mask Set

  • The face-shell is 3D printed in one solid piece using a specialist PLA Plastic, that is extremely strong, light, and flexible.
  • Iron Spider/Infinity War Material Mask Installed onto the face-shell
  • Our ergonomic design is very comfortable to wear, but what makes our face-shell so special, is the intelligent air-flow module design, which keeps you cool and feeling great.
  • The face-shell contours around your head, resulting in a perfect transition from face-shell to head, which means there are no visable lines showing where the face-shell ends and your head begins.
  • The removable magnetic lenses are made from a 3 stage system. The outer layer is a polished convex acrylic that glistens and shines just like the movie lenses.
  • The middle layer is airbrushed metal mesh giving a great finish with fantastic visibility, with the final layer consisting of an anti-fog film (optional extra) resulting in a strong, comfortable, innovative, hardwearing product, that is a must for anyone wanting to become Spider-Man!

N.B Price includes:

1 x Face-shell

1 x Iron Spider/Infinity War Material Mask

2 x Light-up magnetic lenses

1 x Cable Set

1 x Small battery handheld control switch


Addon: Fog Free Lenses

Swap out your regular lenses for some which won’t ever fog up!

Want extra bright eye lenses?

Grab the larger more powerful controller offering 3 individual modes

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NLD is proud to offer you another world first release, this time being the light-up Infinity War Face-Shell/lenses + Mask Set set.

As always, we aim to recreate stunning props & costumes, with functionality added with great aesthetics.

The challenge with this mask was to give you visability whilst maintaining a bright neon blue light, as shown on the film suit, but we have succeed and are now happy to release this product.

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