Iron Spider-Man Suit-Movie Grade

We have recently finished the full high spec design of this suit, which includes:

  • 3D Suit Pattern
  • 3D hand crafted material using iridescent inks that shimmer and change colour, giving that on screen metallic shine that the film creators had to add via C.G.I
  • Full set of metallic cast urethane components throughout the entire suit
  • Remote control Specialist light-up Face-Shell with Removable Fog-Free Magnetic Lenses
  • Remote control light-up cast urethane armoured shoulder-pads
  • Remote control light-up movie accurate web-shooters
  • Premium Trainers installed
  • Movie Grade Material, printed on our deluxe no colour loss fabric.


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Want a suit that will blow your mind?  Well here it is!

We have spent nearly a year designing, developing, and testing this very special item, so to offer you something truly special.

Our Iron Spider Suit is based from the stunning pattern of Brandon Gilberto, we have then designed many urethane parts around the suit to give it the full 3D metallic effect, so you are ready to kick some Thanos butt, whilst being protected with your armour.

Spidey, you are all good to go!


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