Miles Morales Spider-Man Suit-Premium Grade

We have recently finished the full high spec design of this suit, if you choose all the optional extras, the suits includes:

  • Highly detailed 3D Suit Pattern
  • Cast Urethane Front/Rear Spiders symbols
  • Gloss red rubber webbing
  • Specialist Face-Shell with Removable Fog-Free Magnetic Lenses
  • Premium Trainers are installed
  • Movie Grade Material, printed on our deluxe no colour loss fabric.

NB: Standard suit at £231 includes:

  •  Sewn Suit
  • Glued Lenses


Rubber Webbing Add-on

Want 3D rubber webbing added to your suit?

Urethane Rubber Emblems Add-on

Want 3D urethane emblems added to your suit (front & rear)?

Deluxe Trainers Add-on

Want to move, jump, fight like Spidey? Well you need these trainers installed into your suit

Soles Add-on

Want to add some rubber soles (not installed trainers) to your suit?

Face-shell Add-on

Want that genuine Spidey look? Well choose this option and add our specialist Miles Morales face-shell to your order

Fog Free Lenses Add-on

Swap out your regular lenses for some which won’t ever fog up!

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Want to be different?  Want to turn heads blow peoples minds?

Well we have just the special suit for you, a Miles Morales Spidey Suit


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