Movie Replica Spider-Man 3 Suit

Every part of the suit is handcrafted to extremely high quality.   If you want to look like you have just stepped off the film set, this is the suit for you.

The suit consists of:

  • Full Cast Urethane Rubber Webbing made and fitted the using the same methods as the actual film suit
  • Cast Urethane Front/Rear Spider Emblems
  • Specialist 3D printed Face-Shell with intelligent airflow module + comfort foam added.
  • 3 Layer (Convex acrylic, dual tone painted metal mesh, anti-fog inserts) removable magnetic lenses
  • Custom sewn suit to your exact measurements with zips installed as per the movie suit
  • Double printed premium plus movie grade material
  • Deluxe Trainers, offering maximium support, comfort and functionality


Do you want the Symbiote Version?

Go bad and click “YES” to have us make you the Black Symbiote Suit

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No Limit Designs Ltd are proud to offer you a professionally made and tailored Raimi Spiderman 3 Movie Replica Suit

If you truly want to feel like Spider-Man, and blow everyone’s mind, then this suit is for you!

Many weeks of painstaking work goes into the making this suit, and the quality cannot be ignored.


The quality level of our suits, are on another level to anything else available.  You will be the talk of the convention, event, or party, so expect a lot of attention.


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