Feel more Symbiote than Spider-man? Well we have just the choice for you, it is time to Venom up!

This is a very special product that is an absolute crowd pleaser, just be prepared for everyone wanting to touch your textured Venom webbing (we are being 100% serious)

The suit consists of:

  • Movie quality no colour loss fabric
  • Hand moulded rubber symbiote webbing
  • 3D rubber fine detailing honeycomb pattern applied as first layer
  • Cast resin hardwearing claws are fitted to the suit, which will helps you easily tear open flesh
  • Very comfortable sports trainers built into the suit (then detailed with the symbiote effect)
  • Specialist 3D printed face-shell with moving jaw built into the mask. Our ergonomic design is very comfortable to wear, but what makes our face-shell so special, is the intelligent air-flow module design, which keeps you cool and feeling great.
  • Highly detailed mouth/jaw/eyes giving a life like look and feel

Every part of the suit is 3D, and crafted by hand, it needs to be seen in person to be truly appreciated.

The lenses are made from metal and rubber, and have been finished with specialist detailing, using high grade SFX Materials.

This item is a must if you truly want to become Venom.



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