Spider-Man Homecoming Suit-Movie Grade

We have recently finished the full high spec design of this suit, which includes:

  • 3D Suit Pattern
  • 3D hand crafted material using iridescent inks that shimmer and change colour, giving that on screen shine that the film creators had to add via C.G.I
  • Cast Urethane Front/Rear Spiders symbols
  • Specialist Face-Shell with Removable  Fog-Free Magnetic Lenses
  • Cast Urethane Rubber Strapping – the shoulders, side of chest, boot and arms are all rubberised and made in the same process as the movie suit.
  • Premium Trainers are installed
  • Movie Grade Material, printed on our deluxe no colour loss fabric.
  • Movie Accurate specialist Web-shooters are also included.


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Want a suit that will blow your mind?  Well here it is!

We have spent many months developing this very special item, as and we are offering the best suit on the market.

We originally designed and made this suit to be used in the Sony Playstation Spider-Man Homecoming TV commercial, and as it was so well recieved, we decided to offer this to the public, so now you can own something truy special

Spidey, you are all good to go!


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