Movie Grade Black Panther Suit

Product details:

  • Movie replica specialist Infinity War Panther Helmet
  • Movie Grade screen printed material
  • Moulded rubber metallic movie replica necklace
  • Movie replica moulded metallic rubber arm spikes
  • Mechanical moulded rubber gloves with metallic claws
  • Movie replica moulded metallic rubber hip spikes
  • Movie replica moulded metallic rubber leg spikes
  • Premium Trainers installed into the suit
  • Moulded rubber Panther shoes with metallic claws
  • Metallic embellishments as per the movie suit would be added also
  • Hieroglyphic Wkanda language inscription would be added on a raised 3D
    effect on the suit as well

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We also offer a 4 instalment Payment Plan for this suit, which you can find
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Do you want to blow peoples mind? Wear something that could have come straight off the film set? Do you want to become the Black Panther?  Well our movie grade replica Black Panther Suit is definitely for you!

Below are our Panther Suit costings, which gives you the option of purchasing individual accessories, or customising your very own Panther Suit made by NLD

Panther Suit Costings

Material Panther Suit with hand detailing £1280
As above + shoe installation (not shoe claws) only = £1330
As above + all accessories, (no helmet) = £2115
Full suit including all accessories + helmet = £2564 (incorporated the gluing costs into the
Helmet-£449 (light up eyes £80)
Hand Claws-£140 (glued on to suit + £30)
Shoe Claws-£170 (glued on to suit + £30)
Hip Spikes-£ 95 (glued on to suit + £30)
Leg spikes (left, right)- £150 (glued on to suit + £30)
Arm Spikes (left, right)- £135 (glued on to suit + £30)
Wrist Spikes (left, right)- £95 (glued on to suit + £30)





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