Tactical Stealth Spider-Man

We have recently finished the full high spec design of this suit, which includes:

  • Custom Suit Design
  • Suit is made out of Movie Grade screen printed fabric with no colour loss when stretched.
  • Full set of custom cast urethane: shoulder pads, leg/arm strapping, accessories and finishing touches.
  • Custom made magnetic tactical stealth belt (metal), including urethane rubber waist belt 
  • Custom Spidey emblems front/rear
  • Removable light-up tactical Spidey Mask: Custom painted Hexagon mesh installed which matches the eye mesh.  The side panels of the mask light up, and are controlled by a hand switch. (optional extra)
  • Light-up front spidey emblem, with 6 different light up modes
  • Specialist hexagon mesh (dual tone painted) with quad layered eye lenses 
  •  100% fog free magnet lenses
  • 3 laser dot light-up lenses lenses with hand control installed within the suit (on/off switch)
  • Custom face-shell with intelligent airflow design
  • Premium sneakers/trainers installed within the suit.  Giving the authentic Spidey look with max support and comfort.


Want to go full tactical with the Spidey Mask?

Add the removable Tactical light-up Spidey Mask to go up to the next level of badassery. Having this mask not only looks amazing, but it gives you 2 very different looks depending on your mood.

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The internet has exploded with this suit, and for good reason right?

The NLD team were allowed to run with this project from concept to design with only one requirement in mind, “make this badass” and as you can see, the team have created something completely unique and jaw dropping.

Want a suit that will blow your mind?  Well here it is!

From the custom never seen before quad layered lenses, to the light-up Spidey chest emblem and removable light-up tactical mask this suit just screams special and unique with the right amount of badassery to instil fear in the hearts of your enemies.

Spidey, boot up and suit up, you are all good to go!


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